Collaboration enhanced between New Mexico State University and MNUE

News on 1 Nov , 2014

From October 13 until 19 the Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) hosted a delegation from New Mexico State University (NMSU), US. The two partner universities discussed collaboration and future directions.

The delegation from NMSU included Dr. Gregory Fant, the NMSU Associate Vice President and Deputy Provost; Dr. Juanita Hannan, the NMSU College of Education Director of Educational Research and Budgeting; Dr. Mary Prentice, the Department Head for Educational Leadership and Administration; and Dr. Randa Keeley, the Assistant Professor of Special Education. Prof. Candace Kaye from NMUE, who is currently a visiting professor here at MNUE, participated in the visit.

Numerous meeting between the NMSU delegation members and MNUE faculty took place to discuss good practices, exchange experiences and specific fields of collaboration.

Several broad priority areas of collaboration and common interest were outlined. The field of action research was recognised as a clear priority at MNUE. Besides this, online content and sources development was highlighted. The need and potential of developing an English language teacher-training programme in collaboration between NMSU and MNUE was discussed.

Both NMSU and MNUE expressed enthusiasm going forward together with the aim of improving education and research in both countries.

Besides discussions, presentations and private meeting at MNUE, the delegation also visited libraries and schools in Ulaanbaatar, and spent a day with a herding family in the countryside.