MNUE signed a cooperation agreement with Western Washington University

News on 25 Nov , 2014

MNUE hosted a delegation from the Western Washington University (WWU), US on November 22-23. The two universities outlined a number of areas for future collaboration. Also, a cooperation agreement was signed to affirm the willingness for future collaboration. It was agreed that Mongolian studies in connection to library resource development, English teacher preparation, and Educational Studies and Psychology possess a large shared interest, potential and would therefore be the priority areas for collaboration. However, many other overlaps of interest were found during the visit and to be explored further.

The delegation from WWU included Bruce Shepard, President of WWU; Earl Gibbons, Vice Provost for Extended Education; Vicki Hamblin, Director of the Center for International Studies; Mark Greenberg, Dean of Libraries; LeaAnn Martin, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Francisco Rios, Dean of the Woodring College of Education.

MNUE was represented by D. Munkhjargal, President of MNUE; Kh. Tamir, Vice-president for Academic Affairs and Cooperation; J. Batbaatar, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities; G. Tsogzolmaa, Dean of the School of Educational Studies; N. Dulamjav, Director of International Affairs Department; Ts. Burmaa, Director of Curricular Affairs Office; J. Baatarsuren, Dean of Libraries; and other specialists and members of staff.

Two additional meetings were held.

President Munkhjargal met Dr. Rios, who was his PhD supervisor. Both parties were exited for a chance to collaborate in this new light and to improve education in both MNUE and WWU, and in the two countries overall.

Another large meeting was organised by Baatarsuren who included leading Mongolian library staff to the discussion held with Dr. Greenberg.

The meetings continued in a more relaxed atmosphere later that evening and the next morning in the Mongolian countryside.