President’s Message

Zahiral-EngProceeding from the historical traditions of homeschooling accumulated for thousands of years, the Mongolian National University of Education is a national teacher training institution, which has been carrying a leading role in preparing educators and professionals in the education sector. Today the University boasts more than 500 faculty staff and 13500 students.

It has been taught since the times of Chinggis Khaan that “one who is physically strong is recognized for only his/her generation but one who is intellectually strong is recognised for generations after”. The country’s development has been long led by highly competent intellectuals and educators. For this reason, the University is entitled to a great responsibility concerning current and future generations.

The presence of the teacher training institutions in the core of the Government’s educational reform was delivered in accordance with the social need to improve the quality of teachers.

The educational and research communities are seeking to answer what are teachers’ responsibilities and necessary competences in the 21s century. The quotation “Imagination is more important than knowledge” by Albert Einstein seems to be defining the present-day idea of the teacher education reform the most. The aim of the teacher education is not to give children a ‘ready-made recipe’ but to create adequate conditions and suitable environments to equip the future citizens with creativity, ability to make decisions and to adapt to changing natural and social environments.

Following the Government’s policy to increase the number of teachers with Master’s degree in primary and secondary schools, the University aims to join the international network of teacher training institutions as well as enter the international network of teacher training accreditation programme. While doing so, we will keep improving the competence of our teaching staff and will be switching to the training-research university status in the near future.
We are open to cooperating with other international and national training and research institutions. On this note, we express great enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate with you.

President, Dr. Munkhjargal D.