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Call for Proposals for
Joint Research Projects for 2013
Within the framework of the Korean-Mongolian scientific and technological cooperation agreement, Korean-Mongolian research teams are hereby invited to submit joint research proposals in the following fields:
Deadline for Application : March 5 (Tue), 2013.
Basis for Implementation
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Korea and the Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”) will implement a Korea-Mongolia Joint Research Program from 2012 based on the Protocol of the Korea-Mongolia Joint Committee for Educational, Scientific and Technological Cooperation (September 7, 2010), and on programme of cooperation in the fields of education and science and technology (March 29, 2012)
Selection Process
The Parties will announce a call for proposals on joint research projects during the same period.
The researchers of both countries are to form a research team on a selected research field. To initiate a project, scientists from both countries shall form a joint research team and prepare one research proposal in English. The team shall be led by one Korean principal investigator and one Mongolian principal investigator.
Korean principal investigator should submit a proposal to Korea while the Mongolian principal investigator should submit a proposal to Mongolia.
The Parties will decide on the list of priorities for the submitted research projects through domestic evaluations and make the final selection based on discussions between the Parties.
Evaluation for selection
The evaluation factors include the necessity of the cooperative research, the superiority of the research objective and contents, performance capacity of the cooperative research, potential applications and expected outcome of the research results, and the development of networks between research labs.
A joint review meeting will held if necessary based on agreement between the Parties.
In principle, project duration is 3 years with annual assessments to decide on the continuation of a project.
A party may ask to discontinue funding for the following year under justifiable reasons such as unsatisfactory research results or misuse of the research fund.
Reports and Evaluation Results
Principal investigator of each Party must submit a mid-term report prior to the end of the annual project execution period in one month and final reports in two months after the end of the whole project. Research findings for completed projects may be presented at the annual conference by the Parties.
Reports on cooperative projects will be evaluated by experts in the relevant fields and serve as each Party’s reference in future decision making and the use of the Joint Fund.
Designation of Implementing Agency
The Parties are to designate the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) for Korea and the Mongolian Foundation for Science & Technology (MFST) for Mongolia as the implementing agencies for the joint research programs.
Joint Administration
l Joint administrative measures including the examination of the implementation status and the joint evaluation on the results will be discussed in due time.
Additional information can be obtained from the following:
Zorigt Sanchir
Expert on International Cooperation
Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology
Tel: 976-11-312542
E-Mail: sanchir@stf.mn
Address: NITP # 323
Baga toiruu 49
Ulaanbaatar 14200

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